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  • Mariki Terblanche

Signing Off On Architectural Design Drawings (Part 1)

I promised to discuss the meaning of signing off on architectural design drawings and the impact of this for your future relationship with your architect.

Once the Architect shows you the first designs, they will ask you for your comment. Being in the beginning of the process you may still be in awe of their brilliance, but it is important to consider carefully what they show to you.

Never approve anything on the first viewing. Ask for a printed copy, listen to the presentation, and go home with your “book”.

Over the next couple of days quietly look at the sketches. Go back and check your original brief to them.

Call your Quantity Surveyor and ask them for an honest opinion... if they are an experienced firm you will get good advice on both design and cost.

Then look again at the plans and try see how this design is special and tailor made for your needs. If anything is unclear ask for an explanation and don't be scared to say what you don't like. Now is the time to get it right... not when the bricks are on site.

Take your time and then go back for the next meeting. Do not "sign off" anything at this stage!

In Part 2 of this post I will discuss the implications of "signing off" the design and explain the best approach to get to this point.

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