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The Cost of Luxury: De Wet Road, Clifton, Cape Town

Updated: Mar 10, 2023

In order to have, you must want. In order to hold, you need control. To gain control you need our help

De Wet Road 33, Clifton

The cost is given in South African Rand, and based on historic information where SBDS Quanity Surveyors Western Cape was appointed as construction cost controllers. We set the original budgets based on historic information gain from past projects and then control the cost by guiding the architects during the design process to be cost sensitive. Owners are warned of design choices that have budget implications before work is put in hand and the "bottom" line is always watched and reported on, ensuring that the final cost meet the owners financial expectations as well.

In South Africa the current day (August 2018) base rate for a upper middle class house is R 20 000 per m2 excluding VAT. R15.50 = €1 ; R13 = US$1 ; R17.50 = £1

This information is really only a guide and for comparison only. It varies by almost 50% depending on site conditions and complexity. It should not be used to make any financial decision on without contacting SBDS WESTERN CAPE for professional guidance and interpretation. You can submit any queries to and we will reply ASAP to point you in the right direction.

When applying these rates it is important to use the gross developed area as a multiplier.

This means the total area over walls and balconies. Pools are added to the area. No deductions are made for double volumes, stairs, lifts, etc. In most of these designs the development area is double that of the net internal area.

Completed: July 2018

Design by: Bobby Hugill from SAOTA Architects

Built by: Innes Projects over 26 months (Feb 2016 to April 2018)

This beautiful jewelbox was designed for a single gentlemen who had complete trust in his team. They created a building that exceeded his expectations, well under budget, at a rate of R 37 460 per square meter (including VAT @ 15% but excluding fees)

Final cost within 5.2% of the tender amount

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